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Mount Vernon High School Invitational Debate Tournament

Top 5, Cindy & Jason

Top 6, Nora & James

The Scholar’s Cup- Vancouver Round

Debate Champion Medals (Individual)

No.2 Cindy

No.3 Eric

Debate Champion Medals (Group)

No.1 CindyEricKevin W

No.2 SelinaNancyMabel

Top Writing Teams

No.4 CindyEricKevin Q

No.5 SelinaMabelNancy

Challenge- Arts- Honor Medals

HelenKevin WCindyEric

Challenge- Social Studies- Honor Medals

Kevin QJames AliceEric

Top Challenge

Kevin W Overall No.1

Challenge- All Subject- Junior Medals


Berkeley University Invitational

Top 4/46James & Neil

Original Oratory Top Speaker No 5Eric

Original Oratory Top Speaker No 6Cindy

Original Oratory Top Speaker No 7Helen

UBC Elementary Debate Tournament

NO.1 Overal Points, Nora & Eric

World Scholar’s Cup

Debate Champion

Silver: Cindy HuNancy ShenGolden: Selina XuGlobal ranking top 27/1000

Writing Champion :

Silver: Nancy ShenSelina XuGolden: Alice AnCindy XuHelen Xue


Social – Silver: CindyGolden: SelinaGlobal ranking top 11/1000

History – Silver: Alice An Jack WangGolden: Mabel Shen

Literature – Silver: Alice AnSelina XuKevin WangMabel Lau

Science – Silver: Kevin WangCindy Xu

12 students won Top School ScholarAlyssa JiKitty LinAlice AnJenny YenSelina XuJack WangKevin QuKevin WangHelen Xue Cindy HuVincent ZhangClaire Ji

Top North America & Australia ScholarSilver: Nancy ShenNo.17)Golden: Cindy HuNo. 7)、Selina XuNo.3)

Top Champion ScholarSilver: Cindy HuGolden: Selina Xu


Top Debate Team


Alice AnKitty LinKevin Qu

Cindy HuKevin WangHelen Xue


Nancy ShenMabel LauSelina XuGlobal ranking top 39/300 teams

Top Writing Team


Cindy HuKevin WangHelen XueGlobal ranking top 30/300 teams


Nancy ShenMabel LauSelina Xu Global ranking top 57/300 teams

Alice AnKitty LinKevin QuGlobal ranking top 60/300 teams

Top North America & Australia Team


Cindy HuKevin WangHelen Xue No. 8

Nancy ShenMabel LauSelina XuNo. 6

Top Champion Team


Cindy HuKevin WangHelen Xue

Nancy ShenMabel LauSelina Xu

Scholar Bowl’s Honour Team


Alice AnKitty LinKevin Qu

Cindy HuKevin WangHelen Xue

Nancy ShenMabel LauSelina Xu

3 Teams entered the Yale Championship Final Tournament in November!


Kiwanis Music Festival:

Rita received 3 gold and 1 silver medals

Alyssa received 1 gold and 1 silver medals

BCCM Festival

Zeo received 1 gold medal

Alyssa & Helen received 2 gold and 1 silver medals

Rita received 1 gold medal


Heart of Europe

Vivian made the 8th best Speaker and the 4th Nest Millennial Speaker


Mini Global Scholars Cup

All Wesley teams made final to World Scholars Cup: Tournament to Champions.

Champion Debater Junior: Michael

Champion Teams Fourth Place: Alvin, Judy, Angeline

Challenge Total Score Junior Honor Medals: Michael, Alvin, Judy

Challenge Arts: Judy

Challenge Literature Junior Honor Medals: Gary

Challenge History Junior Honor Medal: Gary, Judy, Michael

Challenge Science Junior Honor Medals: Judy, Alvin

Challenge Social Studies Honor Medals: Alvin

Challenge Social Studies Junior Medalist 3rd place: Gary

Challenge Special Area Junior Honor Medals: Alvin

2 nd Place Team: Judy, Alvin, Angeline

3 rd Place Team: Cindy, Stephanie, Michael

Junior Honor Team Wesley: Alyssa, Kitty, Grace

10th Place Team: Stephanie, Cindy, Michael

Harvard World Debate Tournament

1 st Place Team: Angeline

2 nd Place Team: Angela

Semi Finals: Jacyln Vivian

Quarter Finalist Trophies: Emily

3 rd Place Novice Speaker: Jamin

10th Place Team: Alan, Alex, Annika, Heather, Jason

The World Scholar’s Cup – The Tournament of Champions @Yale University

Scholarship Challenge:

History——2 Golden Medals;

Literature——1Golden Medal;

Science——1Golden Medal & 1 Silver Medal;

Special area

All subjects——1 Golden Medal

Top debate team——1 Golden Medal & 2 Silver Medal;

Top Team Challenge (overall) ——1 Golden Medal & 1 Silver Medal;

Schools top scholarship: 1Golden Medal

Champion scholar: 2 Golden Medals & 2 Silver Medals;

Best team: World Ranking Top 17

Washington University Invitational

Heather: Top 4, Debate Public Forum Debate

James: 3rd Place, Extemporaneous Speaking

Nellie obtained the 1st Place and the 2rd place of overall points in persuasive speech in the provincial competition.


Kiwanis Festival

Helen and Alyssa won the 3 rd Place in Vocal Competition

BC Music Festival

Alyssa won two Golden medals and one Silver medal

Helen won one Golden medal and two Silver medal

Invitation Performance

1 st Place: Lyn

3 rd Place: Jerry