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  • [:en]Children's music group[:zh]合唱团[:]

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    Wesley offers a unique children’s group music class with high quality music education from our top Music teachers.Directed by Music Director Jerrica Santos & Paul Kinman.In a group setting students […]

  • [:en]Rockband[:zh]小型乐队[:]

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    Students will enter into a fun environment with 3-5 other students where they will be coached by Music Industry Professional,Paul Kinman,on all the aspects of playing in a band.Starting with […]

  • [:en]Drums[:zh]架子鼓[:]

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    初级课程:认识爵士鼓各部件名称、记谱、基础乐理、基本节奏,从各种音符单击培养手感和节奏,律动感还有演奏速度的准确性。完成初级课程基本能够跟着音乐简单打一些节奏。 中级课程:加强军鼓基本功练习,如:双跳、反拍、手部演奏力度变化、套鼓过门加花等。完成中级后可以尝试组乐队累计经验开始简单演出。 高级课程:魔鬼音符、滚奏、手脚分脑、四肢独立、复合跳过鼓等练习,并着手培养音色与情绪控制、演奏风格 认知和歌曲伴奏层次分明并能编曲制作原创音乐。完成高级后您会是个优秀的爵士鼓手!

  • [:en]Guitar[:zh]吉他课[:]

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    This is a course that is designed to allow anyone from the age of 6 upwards to learn the basics of guitar and music theory,all the way through very advanced […]

  • [:en]Voice[:zh]声乐课[:]

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    Wesley offers voice lessons instruction in all levels in various styles including Classical & Pop.The voice program is directed by Music Director Jerrica Santos.There are many opportunities for performance,exams and […]

  • RCM 乐理班

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    我们专为有意报考 RCM 乐理考试而设, 特聘专业乐理老师执教;主攻考试同时,也帮助学员提高应约修养和素质。针对学生常见错误的纠正,并帮助考生更好地把握考试命题方向以获取更高分数。

  • [:en]Piano [:zh]钢琴考级RCM[:]

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    Wesley offers private piano instruction and piano theory in all levels with a strong focus on The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program.The piano program is directed by May Leung.There are many […]

  • 演讲辩论比赛班(Gr. 9-12)

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  • 演讲辩论比赛班(Gr. 7-8)

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  • 演讲辩论比赛班(Gr. 5-7)

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