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The Great Vancouver District: How to cultivate children’s comprehensive artistic quality conveniently?

One of the important reasons why Chinese immigrants choose Canada as their second hometown is that they want offspring to receive a better education. The more Chinese immigrants come to BC, the higher the educational demand is. According to the investigation reported by Fraser Institute this year, there are over 2000 students ranked in the waiting admission list of private schools located in the Lower Mainland of BC which represent a higher educational level.

Severely, some students need to wait three years in order to get this chance. The number shows that the competition of attaining better education will be fiercer.

Most private schools have high requirements on the students applying for admission. Only those who have excellent grades and outstanding achievements are more possible to be admitted. Artistic talent is one necessary factor in the comprehensive evaluation. More and more parents realize artistic talent is not only the prerequisite for entering the private schools, but also has great influence on children’s development and quality cultivation. In order to receive art training, Chinese parents invest much energy and money in all kinds of piano classes, vocal classes and painting classes around Vancouver. It gradually becomes a social norm that children must go to after-school classes, however, there are many problems perplexing parents. First, various classes are so irregular that it’s difficult to choose; second, it’s tired and time-consuming to shuttle different tutorial classes. Parents nearly spend the whole afternoon on the way of picking up children.

Wesley Academy is dedicated to providing one-stop art and language training platform, helping parents to solve these problems. Children can attend various courses like piano, guitar, music theory, violin, acting, hosting and speech. In addition to that, math, writing, reading, science, and sociology are also serviced for children. Our platform integrates the superior teaching resources of Vancouver and Seattle. Multiform courses and different schedules offer various and free training for students. Teachers can excavate children’s advantage and interact with them in time through micro-teaching (4-6). Moreover, parents can update their educational knowledge by periodical lecture.

No matter software condition or educational facilities, Wesley Academy creates a top-ranking teaching and excellent learning environment. It’s located in the Broadway of West Vancouver with elaborate decoration and famous piano like Steinway. Wesley Academy has strict standards for teachers, only selecting professional and good reputation Chinese and Western people. Professional instructors will follow every child’s development and design suitable art class, exploring their artistic quality all around. Wesley College periodically hosts artistic performance and match annually, providing a platform for children to show themselves and feeding back children grades.