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The Music Arts

The program is made up of four contents- musical instruments, vocal music, performance art and music theory. We provide a professional, comprehensive and a high level of music art training for all age group. In order to approach this goal, we also set band and choir, to cultivate music lovers’ team spirit while providing more performance platform. The piano instructors of Wesley Academy are professionals for the grading system of RCM. Their strict and careful counseling will improve students’ ability for examination and competition. Wesley Academy invites different examiners for students to instruct detailed information at all levels of the test and the repertoire, in order to boost students’ grades and performance on site. It is worth mentioning that all of our vocal teachers are well-known Canadian singer, composer, musician and dancer. The new performance art class designed by the department of music art is open this year for all age group. It combines vocals, pianos, dances, and stage plays in one; aiming to shape students’ performance skills and improve their professionalism.

Courses: Piano, Guitar, Drum, Violin, Vocal, Music Theory, Performances Art, Rock Bands, and Choirs

The Language Arts

This program mainly focuses on speech and debate courses with other academic complementary courses to develop all-around skills in writing, reading and presenting. We serve for helping second-generation immigrants to enhance a full range of language skills that assist them to smoothly transit into the local education system. We also provide a professional training for universities preparation students and adults in order to lay a solid foundation in English for their fields; related courses include SAT/SSAT, English writing / after-school tutoring, and other private training Courses. The professional education platform is designed to help students bring about a confident and capable mentality for tests after training. Wesley Academy gathered teachers who have ample experience in their fields. For debate and speech coaches, they have attended all levels of related contests and would lead students to participate in the competition. Speech classes help each student to learn speech skills, such as writing skills, understanding of the audience, presenting skills, while with a wide range of learning objects from poetry to literature. Debate classes teach students the basics of debate especially on the use of dialectical logical thinking. Common primary topics would be how to debate in various forms of debate; how to apply the debate skills into day-to-day conversation, classroom, and competitions; how to prepare for a specific debate tournament on site; how to understand the international events and issues happening around the world.

Courses:, Public speaking, Debating, Model United Nations, French, Social Studies, Science, Programming, Math, SAT/SSAT, English Writing & Reading and Other Private Tutoring Choices.